Kubernetes, the hard way, AZCLI style

Finally a tech post!

I have been busy this week, on command lines and Kubernetes.

The starting point was the recent announce for Azure Container Instances and the related Kubernetes conenctor : https://github.com/azure/aci-connector-k8s

I admit I did try what Corey Sanders showed in his show : https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Tuesdays-With-Corey/Tuesdays-with-Corey-Azure-Container-Instances-with-WINDOWS-containers. However what I found interesting and wanted to try was the ACI connecter to Kubernetes, and how we would work with that.

Of course we have a test Kubernetes cluster here, that someone from our tema built, but it felt too easy just to add the connector. Also I am not comfortable yet with Kubernetes and I wanted to get my hands dirty and know more about the inner workings of a k8s cluster.

I remembered a quote from the Geek Whisperers’ show featuring Kelsey Hightower. He said that he wrote a guide to build a K8s cluster from the ground up, without any shortcuts. The guide is found there : https://github.com/kelseyhightower/kubernetes-the-hard-way

The downside is that the guide is aimed at Google Cloud Platform, and I am an Azure guy.

And there was my pet project for this week : adapt the guide for Azure, using only Azure CLI commands!

There was one final trick for me to learn : store and share all that on GitHub. As I never had to work with Git by myself, it was also a good way to learn the moves.

So, lots of new stuff learnt :

  • Create a K8s cluster from scratch
  • GitHub, and Git
  • Making progress on Azure CLI
  • A good refresh and Azure infrastructure

The project is hosted there : https://github.com/frederimandin/Kubernetes-the-azcli-way

There are many following steps to work on :

  • Integrating properly with Kelsey’s guide
  • Testing my own guide again
  • Adding ACI connector to my cluster and play with it (and write about it of course!)

I’ll keep you posted, of course!

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