Microsoft Tech Summit France

As the summit has just closed its doors, I would like to share my feedback on this first Tech Summit to happen in France.
As far as I know there are already Tech Summits in several other countries around the world. From what I have heard, they are supposed to be “local Ignite” events. For honesty’s sake, I have to say that I have not attended Ignite so far, only Tech-Ed Europe a few years ago, so I will not compare too much the two events. However according to the community website ( the sessions were exactly the same as the ones played at Ignite.

I did not see any numbers published, so far, but it was a rather small event. Attendance to the first keynote on Microsoft 365 was not really high, however the Azure keynote attracted more people and the room was almost full. I had the feeling that Azure was more exciting than Microsoft 365, but maybe 9:30 was too early for most πŸ™‚ Or maybe I am biased toward Azure πŸ˜‰
The conference took place in one Hall from Paris Expo, on one level. And we were far from crowding it.
As it was a free event, right in Paris, it seems that a lot of people came and went, just for a session or two, rather than stay for the whole two days. Which is rather smart, as it lets local people continue running their business, while being able to attend some sessions. And it lent a quiet feeling to the event itself.

For once, I managed to attend a few sessions, and they were very interesting, very focused on a tight subject. I was never deceived by a catchy title enticing me to a session that had nothing to do with what I could expect.
The speakers were a mix of Microsoft Corp and Microsoft France, most sessions were in English and we could interact easily with every speaker afterwards. Overall the sessions raise some good ideas for me to pitch, and subjects to talk about with my customers. I would have liked more technical sessions, but I think deep dives need a specific environment and public to be able to run properly.

In conclusion, I liked the event overall, but I do not see it as attractive as Experiences. And it was much smaller!
Also Experiences had been criticized has being less technical than the previous event it replaced, Tech Days. From my point of view, Tech Summit is on the same level as Experiences, just smaller and 6 months later (or earlier depending on how you look at it πŸ™‚ )

As usual, the strategy is a bit difficult to read, but the local speakers and content providers were present and accessible, which is almost always my first reason to come πŸ™‚

One final word about the technical levels used to sort the sessions : levels are standard, from 100 to 400, with 100 being introductory and 400 being expert. My advice would be to change the description as the level describes mostly the current knowledge you need to have about the product (Azure for example) than the depth of the session. 400 does not mean you will see live coding and the inners of the platform. It means that you know already where you’re going, and have probably already used the product.

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